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Area Codes

U.S. & Canada Telephone Area Code Listings  [Bookmark this page!]March 18, 2019
Area Code State / Region Local Time Area Code Description Jump to: 3xx 4xx 5xx 6xx 7xx 8xx 9xx
989MI10:02 AMCentral & NE Michigan (Lower Peninsula): Saginaw (split from 517 on 4/7/2001) (Eastern Timezone)
985LA9:02 AME Louisiana: Hammond (split from 504 on 2/12/2001) (Central Timezone)
980NC10:02 AMNorth Carolina: Charlotte (split from 704 on 4/1/2001; overlay complex: 704/980) (Eastern Timezone)
979TX9:02 AMSE Texas: Bryan (split from 409 on 2/19/2000) (Central Timezone)
978MA10:02 AMMassachusetts: Lowell (split from 508 on 9/1/1997; overlay complex: 978/351) (Eastern Timezone)
973NJ10:02 AMN New Jersey: Newark (split from 201 on 6/1/1997; overlay complex: 973/862) (Eastern Timezone)
972TX9:02 AMTexas: Dallas (split from 214 on 9/14/1996; overlay complex: 214/469/972) (Central Timezone)
971OR7:02 AMOregon: Portland (split from 503 on 10/1/2000; overlay complex: 503/971) (Pacific Timezone)
970CO8:02 AMN & W Colorado: Grand Junction (split from 303 on 4/2/1995) (Mountain Timezone)
956TX9:02 AMTexas: Laredo (split from 210 on 7/7/1997) (Central Timezone)
954FL10:02 AMFlorida: Fort Lauderdale (split from 305 on 9/11/1995; overlay complex: 954/754) (Eastern Timezone)
952MN9:02 AMMinnesota: Bloomington (split from 612 on 2/27/2000) (Central Timezone)
951CA7:02 AMCalifornia: Riverside (split from 909 on 7/17/2004) (Pacific Timezone)
949CA7:02 AMCalifornia: Irvine (split from 714 on 4/18/1998) (Pacific Timezone)
947MI10:02 AMMichigan: Troy (split from 248 on 9/7/2002; overlay complex: 248/947) (Eastern Timezone)
941FL10:02 AMSW Florida: Sarasota (split from 813 on 5/28/1995) (Eastern Timezone)
940TX9:02 AMN Cent. Texas: Denton (split from 817 on 5/25/1997) (Central Timezone)
939PR10:02 AMPuerto Rico (split from 787 on 9/15/2001; overlay complex: 787/939) (Atlantic Timezone)
938AL9:02 AMAlabama (split from 256 on 7/10/2010; overlay complex: 256/938) (Central Timezone)
937OH10:02 AMSW Ohio: Dayton (split from 513 on 9/28/1996) (Eastern Timezone)
936TX9:02 AMSE Texas: Huntsville (split from 409 on 2/19/2000) (Central Timezone)
931TN9:02 AMMiddle Tennessee: Clarksville (split from 615 on 9/15/1997) (Central Timezone)
929NY10:02 AMS New York: New York City (split from 347 on 4/16/2011; overlay complex: 718/347/917/929) (Eastern Timezone)
928AZ7:02 AMCentral and Northern Arizona: Yuma (split from 520 on 6/23/2001) (Arizona Timezone)
925CA7:02 AMCalifornia: Concord (split from 510 on 3/14/1998) (Pacific Timezone)
920WI9:02 AMNE Wisconsin: Green Bay (split from 414 on 7/26/1997; overlay complex: 920/274) (Central Timezone)
919NC10:02 AME North Carolina: Raleigh (overlay complex: 919/984) (Eastern Timezone)
918OK9:02 AME Oklahoma: Tulsa (overlay complex: 918/539) (Central Timezone)
917NY10:02 AMNew York: New York City (mostly cellular phones & pagers) (split from 212 on 1/1/1992; overlay complex: 212/646//917) (Eastern Timezone)
916CA7:02 AMNE California: Sacramento (Pacific Timezone)
915TX8:02 AMW Texas: El Paso (Mountain Timezone)
914NY10:02 AMS New York: Yonkers (Eastern Timezone)
913KS9:02 AMKansas: Kansas City (Central Timezone)
912GA10:02 AMSE Georgia: Savannah (Eastern Timezone)
910NC10:02 AMS Cent. North Carolina: Fayetteville (split from 919 on 11/14/1993) (Eastern Timezone)
909CA7:02 AMCalifornia: Anaheim (split from 714 on 11/14/1992) (Pacific Timezone)
908NJ10:02 AMCent. New Jersey: Elizabeth (split from 201 on 11/1/1990) (Eastern Timezone)
907AK6:02 AMAlaska: Anchorage (Alaska Timezone)
906MI9:02 AMUpper Peninsula Michigan: Ste Marie (Central Timezone)
905ON10:02 AMOntario (split from 416 on 10/4/1993; overlay complex: 905/289/365) (Eastern Timezone)
904FL10:02 AMN Florida: Jacksonville (Eastern Timezone)
903TX9:02 AMNE Texas: Tyler (split from 214 on 11/4/1990; overlay complex: 903/430) (Central Timezone)
902NS10:02 AMNova Scotia (Atlantic Timezone)
901TN9:02 AMW Tennessee: Memphis (Central Timezone)
900--Toll calls (U.S. & Canada) ( Timezone)
888--Toll-free number (U.S. & Canada) (split from 800 on 3/1/1996) ( Timezone)
878PA10:02 AMSW Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh (split from 412 on 8/17/2001; overlay complex: 412/724/878) (Eastern Timezone)
877--Toll-free number (U.S. & Canada) (split from 800 on 4/4/1998; overlay complex: 800/877/866/855) ( Timezone)
876--10:02 AMJamaica (split from 809 on 5/1/1997) (Eastern Timezone)
872IL9:02 AMIllinois: Chicago (split from 312 on 11/7/2009; overlay complex: 312/773/872) (Central Timezone)
870AR9:02 AMArkansas: Jonesboro (split from 501 on 4/14/1997; overlay complex: 870/327) (Central Timezone)
869--10:02 AMSt. Kitts & Nevis (split from 809 on 10/1/1996) (Atlantic Timezone)
868--10:02 AMTrinidad & Tobago (split from 809 on 6/1/1997) (Atlantic Timezone)
867YTYukon (split from 403 on 10/21/1997) ( Timezone)
866--Toll-free number (U.S. & Canada) (split from 800 on 7/29/2000) ( Timezone)
865TN10:02 AME Tennessee: Knoxville (split from 423 on 11/1/1999) (Eastern Timezone)
864SC10:02 AMSouth Carolina (split from 803 on 12/3/1995) (Eastern Timezone)
863FL10:02 AMFlorida: Lakeland (split from 941 on 9/20/1999) (Eastern Timezone)
862NJ10:02 AMN New Jersey: Newark (split from 973 on 12/29/2001; overlay complex: 973/862) (Eastern Timezone)
860CT10:02 AMConnecticut: Hartford (split from 203 on 8/28/1995; overlay complex: 860/959) (Eastern Timezone)
859KY10:02 AMN and Central Kentucky: Lexington (split from 606 on 4/1/2000) (Eastern Timezone)
858CA7:02 AMS California: San Diego (split from 619 on 6/12/1999) (Pacific Timezone)
857MA10:02 AMMassachusetts: Boston (split from 617 on 5/2/2001; overlay complex: 617/857) (Eastern Timezone)
856NJ10:02 AMSW New Jersey: Camden (split from 609 on 6/12/1999) (Eastern Timezone)
855--Toll-free number (U.S. & Canada) (split from 800 on 10/9/2010) ( Timezone)
850FL9:02 AMNW Florida (Panhandle): Tallahassee (split from 904 on 6/23/1997) (Central Timezone)
849--10:02 AMDominican Republic (split from 809 on 7/1/2009; overlay complex: 809/829/849) (Atlantic Timezone)
848NJ10:02 AMCent. New Jersey: Edison (split from 732 on 12/29/2001; overlay complex: 732/848) (Eastern Timezone)
847IL9:02 AMNorthern NE Illinois: Waukegan (split from 708 on 1/20/1996; overlay complex: 847/224) (Central Timezone)
845NY10:02 AMNew York: Kingston (split from 914 on 6/5/2000) (Eastern Timezone)
843SC10:02 AMSouth Carolina (split from 803 on 3/22/1998) (Eastern Timezone)
832TX9:02 AMTexas: Houston (split from 713 on 1/16/1999; overlay complex: 713/281/832) (Central Timezone)
831CA7:02 AMCalifornia: Salinas (split from 408 on 7/11/1998) (Pacific Timezone)
830TX9:02 AMTexas: Medina (split from 210 on 7/7/1997) (Central Timezone)
829--10:02 AMDominican Republic (split from 809 on 8/1/2005; overlay complex: 809/829/849) (Atlantic Timezone)
828NC10:02 AMW North Carolina: Asheville (split from 704 on 3/22/1998) (Eastern Timezone)
819QC10:02 AMNW Quebec (overlay complex: 819/873) (Eastern Timezone)
818CA7:02 AMS California: Burbank (split from 213 on 1/7/1984; overlay complex: 818/747) (Pacific Timezone)
817TX9:02 AMN Cent. Texas: Fort Worth (overlay complex: 817/682) (Central Timezone)
816MO9:02 AMN Missouri: Kansas City (overlay complex: 816/975) (Central Timezone)
815IL9:02 AMNW Illinois: Rockford (overlay complex: 815/779) (Central Timezone)
814PA10:02 AMCent. Pennsylvania: Erie (Eastern Timezone)
813FL10:02 AMSW Florida: Tampa (Eastern Timezone)
812IN10:02 AMS Indiana: Evansville (Central Timezone)
810MI10:02 AMCentral E Michigan: Flint (split from 313 on 12/1/1993) (Eastern Timezone)
809--10:02 AMDominican Republic (overlay complex: 809/829/849) (Atlantic Timezone)
808HI4:02 AMHawaii: Honolulu (Hawaii Timezone)
807ON10:02 AMOntario (Eastern Timezone)
806TX9:02 AMPanhandle Texas: Lubbock (Central Timezone)
805CA7:02 AMS Cent. and Cent. Coastal California: Santa Barbara (split from 415 on 1/1/1957) (Pacific Timezone)
804VA10:02 AME Virginia: Richmond (Eastern Timezone)
803SC10:02 AMSouth Carolina: Columbia (Eastern Timezone)
802VT10:02 AMVermont: Brattleboro (Eastern Timezone)
801UT8:02 AMUtah: Lake City (overlay complex: 801/385) (Mountain Timezone)
800--Toll-free number (U.S. & Canada) ( Timezone)
787PR10:02 AMPuerto Rico: San Juan (split from 809 on 3/1/1996; overlay complex: 787/939) (Atlantic Timezone)
786FL10:02 AMSE Florida: Miami-Dade County (split from 305 on 3/1/1998; overlay complex: 305/786) (Eastern Timezone)
785KS9:02 AMN & W Kansas: Topeka (split from 913 on 7/20/1997) (Central Timezone)
784--10:02 AMSt. Vincent & Grenadines (split from 809 on 6/1/1998) (Atlantic Timezone)
781MA10:02 AMMassachusetts: Lynn (split from 617 on 9/1/1997; overlay complex: 781/339) (Eastern Timezone)
780AB8:02 AMAlberta (split from 403 on 5/18/1999; overlay complex: 780/587/403) (Mountain Timezone)
779IL9:02 AMNW Illinois: Rockford (split from 815 on 3/17/2007; overlay complex: 815/779) (Central Timezone)
778BC7:02 AMBritish Columbia (split from 604 on 11/3/2001; overlay complex: 604/778/236 250/778/236) (Pacific Timezone)
775NV7:02 AMN. Nevada: Reno (split from 702 on 12/12/1998) (Pacific Timezone)
774MA10:02 AMCent. Massachusetts: Worcester (split from 508 on 5/2/2001; overlay complex: 508/774) (Eastern Timezone)
773IL9:02 AMIllinois: Chicago (split from 312 on 10/12/1996; overlay complex: 773/872) (Central Timezone)
772FL10:02 AMS. Central Florida: St Lucie (split from 561 on 2/11/2002) (Eastern Timezone)
770GA10:02 AMGeorgia: Atlanta (split from 404 on 8/1/1995; overlay complex: 770/678/470) (Eastern Timezone)
769MS9:02 AMCent. Mississippi: Jackson (split from 601 on 3/14/2005; overlay complex: 601/769) (Central Timezone)
767--10:02 AMDominica (split from 809 on 10/1/1997) (Atlantic Timezone)
765IN10:02 AMIndiana: Lafayette (split from 317 on 2/1/1997) (Eastern Timezone)
763MN9:02 AMMinnesota: Plymouth (split from 612 on 2/27/2000) (Central Timezone)
762GA10:02 AMN Georgia: Augusta (split from 706 on 5/16/2006; overlay complex: 706/762) (Eastern Timezone)
760CA7:02 AMCalifornia: Escondido (split from 619 on 3/22/1997; overlay complex: 760/442) (Pacific Timezone)
758--10:02 AMSt. Lucia (split from 809 on 7/1/1996) (Atlantic Timezone)
757VA10:02 AME Virginia: Virginia Beach (split from 804 on 7/1/1996) (Eastern Timezone)
754FL10:02 AMFlorida: Fort Lauderdale (split from 954 on 8/1/2001; overlay complex: 954/754) (Eastern Timezone)
747CA7:02 AMS California: Los Angeles (split from 818 on 5/18/2009; overlay complex: 818/747) (Pacific Timezone)
740OH10:02 AMSE & Central Ohio: Lancaster (split from 614 on 12/6/1997) (Eastern Timezone)
734MI10:02 AMSE Michigan: Ann Arbor (split from 313 on 12/13/1997; overlay complex: 734/679) (Eastern Timezone)
732NJ10:02 AMCent. New Jersey: Edison (split from 908 on 6/1/1997; overlay complex: 732/848) (Eastern Timezone)
731TN9:02 AMW Tennessee: Jackson (split from 901 on 2/12/2001) (Central Timezone)
727FL10:02 AMFlorida Tampa Metro: St. Petersburg (split from 813 on 7/1/1998) (Eastern Timezone)
724PA10:02 AMW & SW Pennsylvania: New Castle (split from 412 on 2/1/1998; overlay complex: 724/878) (Eastern Timezone)
721--10:02 AMSint Maarten (Atlantic Timezone)
720CO8:02 AMCentral Colorado: Denver (split from 303 on 6/1/1998; overlay complex: 303/720) (Mountain Timezone)
719CO8:02 AMSE Colorado: Pueblo (split from 303 on 3/5/1988) (Mountain Timezone)
718NY10:02 AMS New York: Brooklyn (split from 212 on 9/1/1984; overlay complex: 718/347/917/929) (Eastern Timezone)
717PA10:02 AME Pennsylvania: Lancaster (Eastern Timezone)
716NY10:02 AMNW New York: Niagara Falls (Eastern Timezone)
715WI9:02 AMN Wisconsin: Eau Claire (overlay complex: 715/534) (Central Timezone)
714CA7:02 AMS California: Anaheim (split from 213 on 1/1/1951; overlay complex: 714/657) (Pacific Timezone)
713TX9:02 AMMid SE Texas: Houston (overlay complex: 713/281/832) (Central Timezone)
712IA9:02 AMW Iowa: Sioux City (Central Timezone)
710--US Government ( Timezone)
709NL10:02 AMNewfoundland (Atlantic Timezone)
708IL9:02 AMN Illinois: Cicero (split from 312 on 11/11/1989; overlay complex: 708/464) (Central Timezone)
707CA7:02 AMNW California: Santa Rosa (split from 415 on 1/1/1959) (Pacific Timezone)
706GA10:02 AMCentral & N Georgia: Augusta (split from 404 on 5/3/1992; overlay complex: 706/762) (Eastern Timezone)
705ON10:02 AMOntario (overlay complex: 705/249) (Eastern Timezone)
704NC10:02 AMW North Carolina: Charlotte (overlay complex: 704/980) (Eastern Timezone)
703VA10:02 AMNorthern Virginia (Metro DC): Arlington (overlay complex: 703/571) (Eastern Timezone)
702NV7:02 AMS. Nevada: Las Vegas (Pacific Timezone)
701ND9:02 AMNorth Dakota: Fargo (Central Timezone)
700--NANP area ( Timezone)
684AS3:02 AMAmerican Samoa (UTC -11 Timezone)
682TX9:02 AMTexas: Fort Worth (split from 817 on 10/7/2000; overlay complex: 817/682) (Central Timezone)
681WV10:02 AMWest Virginia (split from 304 on 3/28/2009; overlay complex: 304/681) (Eastern Timezone)
678GA10:02 AMN Georgia: Atlanta (split from 770 on 1/6/1998; overlay complex: 404/770/678/470) (Eastern Timezone)
671GU12:02 AMGuam (UTC +10 Timezone)
670CNMI12:02 AMCommonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) (UTC +10 Timezone)
667MD10:02 AMMaryland (split from 443 on 3/24/2012; overlay complex: 410/443/667) (Eastern Timezone)
664--10:02 AMMontserrat (split from 809 on 7/1/1996) (Atlantic Timezone)
662MS9:02 AMN Mississippi: Starkville (split from 601 on 4/19/1999) (Central Timezone)
661CA7:02 AMCalifornia: Santa Clarita (split from 805 on 2/13/1999) (Pacific Timezone)
660MO9:02 AMN Missouri: Marshall (split from 816 on 10/12/1997) (Central Timezone)
657CA7:02 AMS California: Los Angeles (split from 714 on 9/23/2008; overlay complex: 714/657) (Pacific Timezone)
651MN9:02 AMCent. Minnesota: St. Paul (split from 612 on 7/12/1998) (Central Timezone)
650CA7:02 AMCalifornia: Daly City (split from 415 on 8/2/1997) (Pacific Timezone)
649--10:02 AMTurks & Caicos Islands (split from 809 on 6/1/1997) (Eastern Timezone)
647ON10:02 AMOntario (split from 416 on 3/5/2001; overlay complex: 416/647/437) (Eastern Timezone)
646NY10:02 AMS New York: New York City (Manhattan) (split from 212 on 7/1/1999; overlay complex: 212/646/917) (Eastern Timezone)
641IA9:02 AMIowa: Mason City (split from 515 on 7/9/2000) (Central Timezone)
636MO9:02 AMMissouri: western suburbs of St. Louis (split from 314 on 5/22/1999) (Central Timezone)
631NY10:02 AMNew York: Brentwood (split from 516 on 11/1/1999) (Eastern Timezone)
630IL9:02 AMN Illinois: Naperville (split from 708 on 8/3/1996; overlay complex: 630/331) (Central Timezone)
626CA7:02 AME S California: Pomona (split from 818 on 6/14/1997) (Pacific Timezone)
623AZ7:02 AMArizona: Phoenix (split from 602 on 3/1/1999) (Arizona Timezone)
620KS9:02 AMS Kansas: Dodge City (split from 316 on 2/3/2001) (Central Timezone)
619CA7:02 AMS California: San Diego (split from 714 on 1/1/1982) (Pacific Timezone)
618IL9:02 AMS Illinois: Alton (overlay complex: 618/730) (Central Timezone)
617MA10:02 AMMassachusetts: Boston (overlay complex: 617/857) (Eastern Timezone)
616MI10:02 AMW Michigan: Grand Rapids (Eastern Timezone)
615TN9:02 AMNorthern Middle Tennessee: Nashville (Central Timezone)
614OH10:02 AMSE Ohio: Columbus (overlay complex: 614/380) (Eastern Timezone)
613ON10:02 AMOntario (overlay complex: 613/343) (Eastern Timezone)
612MN9:02 AMCent. Minnesota: Minneapolis (Central Timezone)
610PA10:02 AMSE Pennsylvania: Bethlehem (split from 215 on 1/8/1994; overlay complex: 610/484) (Eastern Timezone)
609NJ10:02 AMS New Jersey: Atlantic City (split from 201 on 1/1/1957) (Eastern Timezone)
608WI9:02 AMSW Wisconsin: Madison (Central Timezone)
607NY10:02 AMS Cent. New York: Elmira (Eastern Timezone)
606KY10:02 AME Kentucky: Ashland (Eastern Timezone)
605SD9:02 AMSouth Dakota: Sioux Falls (Central Timezone)
604BC7:02 AMBritish Columbia (overlay complex: 604/778) (Pacific Timezone)
603NH10:02 AMNew Hampshire: Manchester (Eastern Timezone)
602AZ7:02 AMArizona: Phoenix (Arizona Timezone)
601MS9:02 AMMississippi: Jackson (overlay complex: 601/769) (Central Timezone)
600--Canada ( Timezone)
587AB8:02 AMAlberta (split from 780 on 9/19/2008; overlay complex: 403/780/587) (Mountain Timezone)
586MI10:02 AMMichigan: Warren (split from 810 on 9/22/2001) (Eastern Timezone)
585NY10:02 AMNW New York: Rochester (split from 716 on 11/15/2001) (Eastern Timezone)
581QC10:02 AMQuebec (split from 418 on 9/19/2008; overlay complex: 418/581) (Eastern Timezone)
580OK9:02 AMW & S Oklahoma: Lawton (split from 405 on 11/1/1997) (Central Timezone)
579QC10:02 AMQuebec (split from 450 on 8/21/2010; overlay complex: 450/579) (Eastern Timezone)
575NM8:02 AMNew Mexico: Las Cruces (split from 505 on 10/7/2007) (Mountain Timezone)
574IN10:02 AMN Indiana: South Bend (split from 219 on 1/15/2002) (Eastern Timezone)
573MO9:02 AMSE Missouri: Columbia (split from 314 on 1/7/1996) (Central Timezone)
571VA10:02 AMNorthern Virginia (Metro DC): Arlington (split from 703 on 3/1/2000; overlay complex: 703/571) (Eastern Timezone)
570PA10:02 AMNE and N Central Pennsylvania: Scranton (split from 717 on 12/5/1998; overlay complex: 570/272) (Eastern Timezone)
567OH10:02 AMNW Ohio: Toledo (split from 419 on 1/1/2002; overlay complex: 419/567) (Eastern Timezone)
566--NANP Area (split from 544 on 4/17/2012; overlay complex: 500/533/544/566) ( Timezone)
563IA9:02 AME Iowa: Davenport (split from 319 on 3/25/2001) (Central Timezone)
562CA7:02 AMCalifornia: Long Beach (split from 310 on 1/25/1997) (Pacific Timezone)
561FL10:02 AMS. Central Florida: Palm Beach (split from 407 on 5/13/1996) (Eastern Timezone)
559CA7:02 AMCentral California: Fresno (split from 209 on 11/14/1998) (Pacific Timezone)
551NJ10:02 AMNE New Jersey: Jersey City (split from 201 on 12/29/2001; overlay complex: 201/551) (Eastern Timezone)
544--NANP Area (split from 533 on 12/15/2010; overlay complex: 500/533/544/566) ( Timezone)
541OR7:02 AMOregon: Eugene (split from 503 on 11/5/1995; overlay complex: 541/458) (Pacific Timezone)
540VA10:02 AMWestern and Southwest Virginia: Roanoke (split from 703 on 7/15/1995) (Eastern Timezone)
539OK9:02 AMNE Oklahoma (split from 918 on 4/1/2011; overlay complex: 918/539) (Central Timezone)
534WI9:02 AMN Wisconsin (split from 715 on 8/14/2010; overlay complex: 715/534) (Central Timezone)
533--NANP Area (split from 500 on 9/26/2009; overlay complex: 500/533/544/566) ( Timezone)
530CA7:02 AMNE California: Redding (split from 916 on 11/1/1997) (Pacific Timezone)
520AZ7:02 AMSE Arizona: Tucson (split from 602 on 3/19/1995) (Arizona Timezone)
519ON10:02 AMOntario (overlay complex: 519/226) (Eastern Timezone)
518NY10:02 AMNE New York: Albany (Eastern Timezone)
517MI10:02 AMS Central Michigna (Lower Peninsula): Lansing (Eastern Timezone)
516NY10:02 AMNew York: Hempstead (Eastern Timezone)
515IA9:02 AMCent. Iowa: Iowa City (Central Timezone)
514QC10:02 AMQuebec (overlay complex: 514/438) (Eastern Timezone)
513OH10:02 AMSW Ohio: Cincinnati (overlay complex: 513/283) (Eastern Timezone)
512TX9:02 AMS Texas: Austin (overlay complex: 512/737) (Central Timezone)
510CA7:02 AMCalifornia: Oakland (split from 415 on 9/2/1991) (Pacific Timezone)
509WA7:02 AME and Central Washington state: Spokane (Pacific Timezone)
508MA10:02 AMCent. Massachusetts: Worcester (split from 617 on 7/16/1988; overlay complex: 508/774) (Eastern Timezone)
507MN9:02 AMS Minnesota: Mankato (Central Timezone)
506NB10:02 AMNew Brunswick (Atlantic Timezone)
505NM8:02 AMNW New Mexico: Albuquerque (Mountain Timezone)
504LA9:02 AME Louisiana: New Orleans (Central Timezone)
503OR7:02 AMOregon: Portland (overlay complex: 503/971) (Pacific Timezone)
502KY10:02 AMN Central Kentucky: Louisville (Eastern Timezone)
501AR9:02 AMCentral Arkansas: Little Rock (Central Timezone)
500--NANP area (overlay complex: 500/533/544/566) ( Timezone)
484PA10:02 AMSE Pennsylvania: Bethlehem (split from 610 on 6/5/1999; overlay complex: 610/484) (Eastern Timezone)
480AZ7:02 AMArizona: Phoenix (split from 602 on 3/1/1999) (Arizona Timezone)
479AR9:02 AMNW Arkansas: Fort Smith (split from 501 on 1/19/2002) (Central Timezone)
478GA10:02 AMCentral Georgia: Macon (split from 912 on 8/1/2000) (Eastern Timezone)
475CT10:02 AMConnecticut: Bridgeport (split from 203 on 12/12/2009; overlay complex: 203/475) (Eastern Timezone)
473--10:02 AMGrenada (split from 809 on 10/31/1997) (Atlantic Timezone)
470GA10:02 AMGeorgia: Atlanta (split from 678 on 2/26/2010; overlay complex: 404/770/678/470) (Eastern Timezone)
469TX9:02 AMTexas: eastern portion of the Dallas (split from 214 on 7/1/1999; overlay complex: 214/469/972) (Central Timezone)
458OR7:02 AMOregon (split from 541 on 2/10/2010; overlay complex: 541/458) (Pacific Timezone)
456--NANP area ( Timezone)
450QC10:02 AMQuebec (split from 514 on 6/13/1998; overlay complex: 450/579) (Eastern Timezone)
443MD10:02 AME Maryland: Baltimore & suburbs (split from 410 on 6/1/1997; overlay complex: 410/443/667) (Eastern Timezone)
442CA7:02 AMSE California: Escondido (split from 760 on 11/21/2009; overlay complex: 760/442) (Pacific Timezone)
441--10:02 AMBermuda (split from 809 on 10/1/1995) (Atlantic Timezone)
440OH10:02 AMOhio: Cleveland (split from 216 on 8/16/1997) (Eastern Timezone)
438QC10:02 AMQuebec (split from 514 on 11/4/2006; overlay complex: 514/438) (Eastern Timezone)
435UT8:02 AMUtah: St. George (split from 801 on 9/21/1997) (Mountain Timezone)
434VA10:02 AME Virginia: Lynchburg (split from 804 on 6/1/2001) (Eastern Timezone)
432TX8:02 AMW Texas: Odessa (split from 915 on 4/5/2003) (Mountain Timezone)
430TX9:02 AMNE Texas: Tyler (split from 903 on 2/15/2003; overlay complex: 903/430) (Central Timezone)
425WA7:02 AMWashington: Bellevue (split from 206 on 4/27/1997) (Pacific Timezone)
424CA7:02 AMS California: Santa Monica (split from 310 on 8/26/2006; overlay complex: 310/424) (Pacific Timezone)
423TN10:02 AME Tennessee (split from 615 on 9/11/1995) (Eastern Timezone)
419OH10:02 AMNW Ohio: Toledo (overlay complex: 419/567) (Eastern Timezone)
418QC10:02 AMQuebec (overlay complex: 418/581) (Eastern Timezone)
417MO9:02 AMSW Missouri: Springfield (Central Timezone)
416ON10:02 AMOntario (overlay complex: 416/647/437) (Eastern Timezone)
415CA7:02 AMCalifornia: San Francisco (Pacific Timezone)
414WI9:02 AMSE Wisconsin: Milwaukee (Central Timezone)
413MA10:02 AMW Massachusetts: Chicopee (Eastern Timezone)
412PA10:02 AMW Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh (overlay complex: 412/878) (Eastern Timezone)
410MD10:02 AME Maryland: Baltimore (split from 301 on 10/6/1991; overlay complex: 410/443/667) (Eastern Timezone)
409TX9:02 AMSE Texas: Galveston (split from 713 on 11/1/1982) (Central Timezone)
408CA7:02 AMCent. Coastal California: San Jose (split from 415 on 1/1/1959; overlay complex: 408/669) (Pacific Timezone)
407FL10:02 AMCentral Florida: Orlando (split from 305 on 4/16/1988; overlay complex: 407/689) (Eastern Timezone)
406MT8:02 AMMontana: Billings (Mountain Timezone)
405OK9:02 AMW Oklahoma: Oklahoma City (Central Timezone)
404GA10:02 AMN Georgia: Atlanta (overlay complex: 404/678/470) (Eastern Timezone)
403AB8:02 AMAlberta (overlay complex: 403/780/587) (Mountain Timezone)
402NE9:02 AME Nebraska: Omaha (overlay complex: 402/531) (Central Timezone)
401RI10:02 AMRhode Island: Providence (Eastern Timezone)
386FL10:02 AMN central Florida: Daytona Beach (split from 904 on 2/15/2001) (Eastern Timezone)
385UT8:02 AMUtah: Wasatch Front of Utah (split from 801 on 3/29/2009; overlay complex: 801/385) (Mountain Timezone)
361TX9:02 AMS Texas: Corpus Christi (split from 512 on 2/13/1999) (Central Timezone)
360WA7:02 AMW Washington State: Bellingham (split from 206 on 1/15/1995; overlay complex: 360/564) (Pacific Timezone)
352FL10:02 AMFlorida: Gainesville (split from 904 on 12/3/1995) (Eastern Timezone)
351MA10:02 AMMassachusetts: Lowell (split from 978 on 5/2/2001; overlay complex: 978/351) (Eastern Timezone)
347NY10:02 AMNew York (overlay for 718: Brooklyn (split from 718 on 10/1/1999; overlay complex: 718/347/917/929) (Eastern Timezone)
345--10:02 AMCayman Islands (split from 809 on 9/1/1996) (Eastern Timezone)
343ON10:02 AME Ontario (split from 613 on 5/17/2010; overlay complex: 613/343) (Eastern Timezone)
340VI10:02 AMU.S. Virgin Islands (split from 809 on 6/1/1997) (Atlantic Timezone)
339MA10:02 AMMassachusetts: Lynn (split from 781 on 5/2/2001; overlay complex: 781/339) (Eastern Timezone)
337LA9:02 AMSW Louisiana: Lafayette (split from 318 on 10/11/1999) (Central Timezone)
336NC10:02 AMCent. North Carolina: Greensboro (split from 910 on 12/15/1997) (Eastern Timezone)
334AL9:02 AMS Alabama: Montgomery (split from 205 on 1/15/1995) (Central Timezone)
331IL9:02 AMN Illinois: western suburbs of Chicago (split from 630 on 10/7/2007; overlay complex: 630/331) (Central Timezone)
330OH10:02 AMNE Ohio: Akron (split from 216 on 3/9/1996; overlay complex: 330/234) (Eastern Timezone)
325TX9:02 AMCentral Texas: Abilene (split from 915 on 4/5/2003) (Central Timezone)
323CA7:02 AMS California: Los Angeles (split from 213 on 6/13/1998) (Pacific Timezone)
321FL10:02 AMFlorida: Orlando (split from 407 on 11/1/1999) (Eastern Timezone)
320MN9:02 AMCent. Minnesota: Alexandria (split from 612 on 3/17/1996) (Central Timezone)
319IA9:02 AME Iowa: Cedar Rapids (Central Timezone)
318LA9:02 AMN Louisiana: Shreveport (Central Timezone)
317IN10:02 AMCent. Indiana: Indianapolis (Eastern Timezone)
316KS9:02 AMS Kansas: Wichita (Central Timezone)
315NY10:02 AMN Cent. New York: Syracuse (Eastern Timezone)
314MO9:02 AMSE Missouri: St. Louis (overlay complex: 314/557) (Central Timezone)
313MI10:02 AMMichigan: Detroit (overlay complex: 313/679) (Eastern Timezone)
312IL9:02 AMIllinois: Chicago (overlay complex: 312/872) (Central Timezone)
310CA7:02 AMS California: Los Angeles (split from 213 on 11/2/1991; overlay complex: 310/424) (Pacific Timezone)
309IL9:02 AMW Cent. Illinois: Rock Island (Central Timezone)
308NE9:02 AMW Nebraska: Kearney (Central Timezone)
307WY8:02 AMWyoming: Laramie (Mountain Timezone)
306SK9:02 AMCanada (overlay complex: 306/639) (Central Timezone)
305FL10:02 AMSE Florida: Miami (overlay complex: 305/786) (Eastern Timezone)
304WV10:02 AMWest Virginia: Charleston (overlay complex: 304/681) (Eastern Timezone)
303CO8:02 AMCentral Colorado: Denver (overlay complex: 303/720) (Mountain Timezone)
302DE10:02 AMDelaware: Wilmington (Eastern Timezone)
301MD10:02 AMW Maryland: Silver Spring (overlay complex: 301/240/227) (Eastern Timezone)
289ON10:02 AMCanada: Greater Toronto Area (split from 905 on 6/9/2001; overlay complex: 905/289/365) (Eastern Timezone)
284--10:02 AMBritish Virgin Islands (split from 809 on 10/1/1997) (Atlantic Timezone)
281TX9:02 AMTexas: Houston (split from 713 on 11/2/1996; overlay complex: 713/281/832) (Central Timezone)
276VA10:02 AMS and SW Virginia: Danville (split from 540 on 9/1/2001) (Eastern Timezone)
270KY9:02 AMW Kentucky: Owensboro (split from 502 on 4/19/1999) (Central Timezone)
269MI10:02 AMSW Michigan: Otsego (split from 616 on 7/13/2002) (Eastern Timezone)
268--10:02 AMAntigua/Barbuda (split from 809 on 4/1/1996) (Atlantic Timezone)
267PA10:02 AMSE Pennsylvania: Philadelphia (split from 215 on 7/1/1999; overlay complex: 215/267) (Eastern Timezone)
264--10:02 AMAnguilla (split from 809 on 3/31/1997) (Atlantic Timezone)
262WI9:02 AMSE Wisconsin: Kenosha (split from 414 on 9/25/1999) (Central Timezone)
260IN10:02 AMNE Indiana: Fort Wayne (split from 219 on 1/15/2002) (Eastern Timezone)
256AL9:02 AMN & E Alabama: Huntsville (split from 205 on 3/23/1998; overlay complex: 256/938) (Central Timezone)
254TX9:02 AMCentral Texas: Hamilton (split from 817 on 5/25/1997) (Central Timezone)
253WA7:02 AMWashington: Tacoma (split from 206 on 4/27/1997) (Pacific Timezone)
252NC10:02 AME North Carolina: Rocky Mount (split from 919 on 3/22/1998) (Eastern Timezone)
251AL9:02 AMS Alabama: Mobile (split from 334 on 6/18/2001) (Central Timezone)
250BC7:02 AMCanada: Victoria (split from 604 on 10/19/1996; overlay complex: 250/778/236) (Pacific Timezone)
249ON10:02 AMOntario: Sault Ste. Marie (split from 705 on 3/19/2011; overlay complex: 705/249) (Eastern Timezone)
248MI10:02 AMSE Michigan: Pontiac (split from 810 on 5/10/1997; overlay complex: 248/947) (Eastern Timezone)
246--10:02 AMBarbados: Bridgetown (split from 809 on 7/1/1996) (Atlantic Timezone)
242--10:02 AMBahamas: Freeport (split from 809 on 10/1/1996) (Eastern Timezone)
240MD10:02 AMW Maryland: Bethesda (split from 301 on 6/1/1997; overlay complex: 301/240/227) (Eastern Timezone)
239FL10:02 AMSW Florida: Cape Coral (split from 941 on 3/11/2002) (Eastern Timezone)
234OH10:02 AMNE Ohio: Akron (split from 330 on 10/30/2000; overlay complex: 330/234) (Eastern Timezone)
231MI10:02 AMCentral & NW Michigan (Lower Peninsula): Grant (split from 616 on 6/5/1999) (Eastern Timezone)
229GA10:02 AMSW Georgia: Albany (split from 912 on 8/1/2000) (Eastern Timezone)
228MS9:02 AMS Mississippi: Biloxi (split from 601 on 9/15/1997) (Central Timezone)
226ON10:02 AMSW Ontario (split from 519 on 10/21/2006; overlay complex: 519/226) (Eastern Timezone)
225LA9:02 AMLouisiana: Baton Rouge (split from 504 on 8/17/1998) (Central Timezone)
224IL9:02 AMNorthern NE Illinois: Waukegan (split from 847 on 1/5/2002; overlay complex: 847/224) (Central Timezone)
219IN10:02 AMNW Indiana: Gary (Central Timezone)
218MN9:02 AMN Minnesota: Duluth (Central Timezone)
217IL9:02 AMCent. Illinois: Champaign (overlay complex: 217/447) (Central Timezone)
216OH10:02 AMNE Ohio: Cleveland (Eastern Timezone)
215PA10:02 AMSE Pennsylvania: Philadelphia (overlay complex: 215/267) (Eastern Timezone)
214TX9:02 AMN Texas: Dallas (overlay complex: 214/469/972) (Central Timezone)
213CA7:02 AMS California: Los Angeles (Pacific Timezone)
212NY10:02 AMS New York: New York City (overlay complex: 212/646/917) (Eastern Timezone)
210TX9:02 AMS Texas: San Antonio (split from 512 on 11/1/1992) (Central Timezone)
209CA7:02 AMN Central California: Stockton (split from 916 on 1/1/1958) (Pacific Timezone)
208ID8:02 AMIdaho: Boise (Mountain Timezone)
207ME10:02 AMMaine: Portland (Eastern Timezone)
206WA7:02 AMW Washington: Seattle (Pacific Timezone)
205AL9:02 AMCentral Alabama: Birmingham (overlay complex: 205/659) (Central Timezone)
204MB9:02 AMManitoba (overlay complex: 204/431) (Central Timezone)
203CT10:02 AMSW Connecticut: Bridgeport (overlay complex: 203/475) (Eastern Timezone)
202DC10:02 AMWashington (Eastern Timezone)
201NJ10:02 AMNE New Jersey: Jersey City (overlay complex: 201/551) (Eastern Timezone)
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Time Zones

AT — Atlantic Time Zone; Atlantic Time is GMT/UTC -4h during Standard Time and -3h during Daylight Saving Time.
ET — Eastern Time Zone; Eastern Time is GMT/UTC -5h during Standard Time and -4h during Daylight Saving Time.
CT — Central Time Zone; Central Time is GMT/UTC -6h during Standard Time and -5h during Daylight Saving Time.
MT — Mountain Time Zone; Mountain Time is GMT/UTC -7h during Standard Time and -6h during Daylight Saving Time.
PT — Pacific Time Zone; Pacific Time is GMT/UTC -8h during Standard Time and -7h during Daylight Saving Time.
AKT — Alaska Time Zone; Alaska Time is GMT/UTC -9h during Standard Time and -8h during Daylight Saving Time.
HT — Hawaii Time Zone; Hawaii Time is GMT/UTC -10h during Standard Time and Hawaii does not observe Daylight Saving Time.

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